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 Hollywood Skylights is your premier choice for a comprehensive range of building enhancement services in Los Angeles and Inland Empire cities. Whether you require commercial skylight installation in the San Fernando Valley, dome replacements in Ontario, warehouse skylights in Fontana, roof hatch installation for Rancho Cucamonga, safety features like burglar bars and safety screens for fall protection, or code-compliant smoke vent skylights in Chino, we are here to meet your needs with our expertise and commitment to excellence.

Hollywood Skylights for Warehouse Enhancement and Compliance


Los Angeles Skylight Installation & Replacement

Transform Your Building with Hollywood Skylights

Ready to enhance your commercial space in Los Angeles or the Inland Empire with skylights, roof hatches, safety features, and code-compliant smoke vent skylights? Contact Hollywood Skylights today for a consultation. Discover how our comprehensive building enhancement services can elevate your workspace while ensuring safety and security. 

How to Enhance Your Commercial Building with Hollywood Skylights

Commercial Roof Hatch and Skylight Roof Plans

Consultation and Design

Start by consulting our experienced team to provide solutions and accurately and competitively bid your Los Angeles or Inland Empire facility project. We'll ensure the proposal aligns with your vision, building code compliance, and practical requirements.

Crane Lifting A Custom Glass Skylight

Professional Installation

Our skilled professionals will execute the installation process efficiently, ensuring that your new features, whether skylights, roof hatches, or safety features, are seamlessly integrated into your space.

Interior of a Warehouse with acrylic dome skylights lighting the building

Energy Efficiency & Cost Savings

Hollywood Skylights' building enhancements are engineered for optimal daylighting, energy efficiency, and safety. Enjoy reduced energy costs and peace of mind knowing your space is code-compliant.

Roof Access Hatch on a commercial building

Roof Hatch Installation

For safe and convenient access to your roof, we specialize in glazed (acrylic or glass) and metal-door roof-hatch installation. Roof hatches offer secure egress points to your rooftop, both for man and equipment access.

Commercial Warehouse Skylight Dome Replacement

Commercial Skylight Dome Replacement

Is your commercial skylight dome in need of replacement? Trust Hollywood Skylights for seamless commercial skylight dome replacement services that enhance both the aesthetic and functionality of your space.

Velux Smoke Venting Skylight

Smoke Venting Skylights

Both economical and code-compliant, smoke vent skylights are designed to vent smoke from the interior of a building to the exterior in case of fire, protecting a building and occupants from hazardous conditions and dangerous smoke inhalation. Smoke venting skylights increase fire safety precautions and provides occupants with peace of mind. We offer both UL listed smoke vents and non-UL listed models to suit the specific requirements of the building.

Southern California Commercial Skylight Expertise

We understand the specific climate and energy demands of the region. Southern California offers months of unrelenting sun and heat, the Santa Ana winds, and the occasional torrential rain; a unique challenge for glazing and waterproofing roof penetrations. Our commercial skylights are designed to maximize natural light while meeting your SoCal building’s energy efficiency requirements.