Skylight Guide

Learn more about the most common skylight styles.

Skylight Guide

Curb Mounted

A curb is an elevated frame that provides a surface for mounting skylights, and is attached to the roof deck. Curb mounted skylights are the most common skylight in Southern California. Their design makes them relatively non-destructive to replace and are the preferred mounting style for waterproofing. The skylight overlaps all sides of the curb, sitting snugly around it. Curb mounted skylights can usually be replaced without the need for additional roof work.

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deck Mounted

Deck mounted skylights are the second most popular skylight mounting style for roofs across Los Angeles. Their low-profile design offers a more seamless look for your roof from the street. This style is installed directly to the roof deck and secured with brackets. Since the flashing is integrated with the roofing material, deck mounted skylights always require additional roof work when replaced.


Designed for flat-roof application, self-flashing skylights feature an aluminum curb and flashing built into the skylight, with the cap and lens either factory screwed, riveted, or welded to the base. The base acts as a curb, elevating the skylight above the roof deck, and has integrated flashing that sits flush with the roof. Roofing material is installed over the flashing for waterproofing. Replacing one of these often involves roof work, but retrofitting a curb-mounted skylight over the base is sometimes an option. The man hours and material make this type of skylight more expensive.

OPERABLE & FIXED skylight guide

Most popular in kitchens and bathrooms, operable skylight gives you the ability to vent hot air trapped in the ceiling and create a cross-breeze for circulation in your home. They can be manually operated with an extension rod, hard-wired to a wall switch, or remote operated. Solar-powered venting skylights use an onboard solar panel to charge the electric motor for an environmentally friendly skylight that is eligible for a Federal Tax Credit. 

A fixed skylight does not open and is more cost effective for rooms where venting isn’t necessary.

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