Flat Glass Skylights

Energy efficiency, durability, and sleek design make glass skylights the most popular style in Southern California.


Insulated glass with an argon gas spacer helps keep your cool air in during hot days, and a LoE3 coating blocks over 99% of UV rays. Laminated glass on the interior pane meets California earthquake codes and provides additional safety and durability.


Standard size glass skylights are readily available from our local and national manufacturers. If your opening isn't a standard size, we can have it custom made in about 4 weeks in both clear and white-frosted glass


Open up to let fresh air in with manual or remote venting skylights. Release hot air trapped in your ceiling with the push of a button or twist of a rod. Remote venting skylights are equipped with a solar panel to recharge the battery on the electric motor.

acylic dome Skylights

Dome Skylights are a cost effective solution for residential and commercial roofs.


Dome Skylights are commonly used in Los Angeles on commercial warehouses and factories, along with apartment buildings and condominiums. Their curved bubble shape is ideal for flat roofs as rain flows off the edges and has no opportunity to pool on the surface.


Acrylic domes can be custom manufactured to any size up to 12-1/2 feet, but the wide selection of a variety of standard sizes means it's more likely that your size is stocked and available.


Replace your dome with white frosted, bronze tinted, or clear acrylic to match the shade of your roof or change the color temperature of light in your room. The white acrylic diffuses the light for a more even spread inside. The bronze acrylic is transparent and lets you see outside while letting in a warm amber light.

custom architectural

Custom architectural glass skylights are designed in-house and manufactured locally for quick 6-8 week lead times.


When the architecture of your building allows for it, installing a design element like a custom skylight can increase your property value and become a focal point in your home. They are designed in a variety of geometric shapes and styles including octagon, pyramid, and ridge.


The frames are made from high-strength extruded aluminum and glazed with a minimum of 1″ thick insulated glass available in an array of tints and heat-blocking coatings.


Skylights aren't just for the middle of your roof. Lean-to skylights can span between two walls, ridge skylights can replace a section of your roof ridge, and double pitched skylights are a good option for a flat roof when an acrylic dome just won't do.

commercial Skylights

Energy efficiency, durability, and sleek design make glass skylights the most popular style in Southern California.


Our experience commercial team is ready to submit bids for your industrial skylights project. Whether you already have building plans or not, we consult with your General Contractors, architects, and subcontractors to ensure every aspect of commercial skylight project is accounted for.


Our relationships with local roofing companies, manufacturers, and licensed framers allow us to quickly and accurately bid your commercial project to keep your construction project on time and on budget.


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