Don’t let a broken skylight ruin your home. A cracked, leaky skylight spells disaster for your roof, walls, and ceiling. Let us fix your flashing, reseal your glass skylight, or install a brand new replacement skylight before the elements creep into your home. We offer emergency skylight repairs and replacements for your leaking Los Angeles skylight.

Skylight Repairs and Replacements - Broken Glass Skylight Commercial


Can your leaking skylight be repaired? Some glass varieties can be re-glazed, new gaskets can be installed, and roofing material can be reinforced. Sometimes a leaky skylight must be swapped for a new one. Fixtures over 20 years old almost always need replacing. Replacing a skylight before it leaks is cheaper and much less stressful.

Skylight Repairs & Replacements - Resealed custom glass skylight

common concerns

· The skylight lets in too much heat

· The lens is cracked or damaged

· Dust and dirt get inside

· Water seeps into the drywall

· The skylight is just old and ugly

Skylight Repair and Replacement - Architectural Skylight

anatomy of a leak

Step 1 is to figure out where the water is coming from. It can be a leak in the roof, through a crack in the glass or acrylic dome, or an old flashing system that has failed. Broken seals might be repaired, but cracks in the lens mean replacement. Once water has penetrated the roof, it  erodes the plywood and work its way into the drywall. Catch a leaking skylight early to spare you thousands in home repairs.

Repair & Replacement FAQ

Frequently asked questions about skylight repair and replacement

Modern glass skylights use insulated glass for improved energy efficiency. The LoE3  coating blocks 99.7% of UV rays to prevent fading of fabrics and flooring in your home. Glass skylights typically last longer than acrylic dome skylights, and the lower profile is more aesthetically appealing.

Replacement costs depend on the size of the opening, whether a good fit is available in a standard size or if it needs to be custom made, roof access, and the condition of the curb/roof on which the skylight is installed. Measuring from the roof level is always necessary before we can provide you with replacement options and cost.

Many of our projects involve replacing skylights installed by roofers. Units that don’t properly fit the opening, skylights that blew off the roof due to improper fastening, and leaking from using the wrong type of skylight for your roofing material. If you’re having roof work done, we will work with your roofer to guarantee your skylight installation is handled properly, while they take care of the roof.

Once the acrylic is cracked, the whole skylight needs replacing. The acrylic lens is integrated and sealed in the frame. The frame would need to be completely deconstructed to replace only the acrylic, and would then need complete resealing before reassembly. It is much more costly, and we do not perform this service.

Acrylic domes come in white frosted, bronze tinted, and clear. The white frosted diffuses the natural light, but is translucent so you can’t see out of it. The bronze tinted domes have a warm amber hue and are transparent. The clear domes tend to get hotter and are harder to keep clean. Frames come standard with an aluminum mill finish, and can be powder coated to match your roof.

Standard glass skylights come in clear glass and white frosted glass options with a cool-gray painted frame. Custom glass skylights are available in a variety of color tints and glass thicknesses. Frames come in bronze, white, and black powder coat, as well as anodized aluminum finishes.